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Listen to what the experts are saying about testimonials:

"I have now done work with clients in over 250 different product and service categories , from weight loss and cosmetic dentistry to investments to funeral homes and custom-fabricated parts for nuclear power plants. And I have yet to find one business–not one–where using testimonials as proof hasn't substantially improved sales. Yet 90% of all the sales professionals I encounter–those who try to selling to me, those I am hired to observe and train, those who seek me out for assistance–either completely fail to use testimonials or use them sparingly and poorly."

~No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy by Dan Kennedy 

"As common and well-proven as testimonial use is, the absence of underuse of testimonials remains the number one marketing error I see repeated most frequently."

~The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan Kennedy


As you can see from the quotes above, testimonials are a vital component for every business. My goal is to help you understand the why and how of using testimonials effectively in your business. This is a completely free course, no strings attached, just me wanting you to work smarter, not harder in your business. 


Again, this course is absolutely free! 




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